Algorithms and Data Structures in C#: Complete Tutorial

Why learn about data structures and algorithms? Algorithms and data structures constitute the fundamentals of programming. Good understanding of algorithms and data structures is one of the most important requirements for a great number of work positions. You'll have to solve many problems related to algorithms and data structures at coding interviews. Indeed, you can live without an understanding of algorithms and data structures, [...]

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TDD in C# From A to Z

Today unit testing is the absolutely required skill which is required from any professional developer. Companies expect from developers to know how to write unit tests including all the most important topics such as mocking and test-driven development (TDD in short). This course is all about practicing TDD using C# programming language and NUnit as a unit testing framework. Along the way, we [...]

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Video Course: Functional Programming in C#

Learn how to write C# code in a functional style. The “Functional Programming in C#” is for you if you want to improve your code, design, and architecture. It means you are going to learn how to write code of the high quality: readable, understandable and reliable. Learn Functional Programming in the context of clean coding and building types of high quality. Get [...]

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What the Hell is Functional Programming in C#?

Why Functional Programming I'm starting a series of posts on functional programming in C#. The series is kind of a preview of a video course I'm working on right now which will be released somewhere at the end of February. So, you may ask yourself again “why would I need to learn functional programming”? You may also think that you’ll never use a [...]

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DateTime Fundamentals in .NET and SQL Server

My new video course “Date and Time Fundamentals in .NET and SQL Server” is released! Take it right now just for 10$! Build a solid foundation of working with Date and Time with this course Almost all the software works with date and time in one form or another. Some programs, of course, need to work with date and time more than other. However, [...]

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Assembler and the Beginning of Low-Level Programming. Part 1.

I’ve always been interested in how things work under the hood. Unfortunately, computer science courses I’ve taken in the university haven’t covered low-level details of how a computer works. And the last Uncle Bob’s blog post “Make the Magic go away” convinced me that it’s time to play a little bit at a low level. At first I was thinking about reading a book on [...]

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