Acceptance and UI Testing with SpecFlow and Selenium

Pyramid of Tests Basically, tests can be divided into three major groups: unit tests integration tests acceptance tests Unit tests are those tests which verify the behavior of a unit under test in isolation. That’s why when a unit under test has dependencies, we often mock them or in other words replace by special test doubles. Unit tests are great, and the majority [...]

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Writing the First Acceptance Test with SpecFlow

To write acceptance tests using SpecFlow, we need to properly set up the environment and a testing project. At first, we need to install a SpecFlow extension for Visual Studio. We need it because SpecFlow integrates into Visual Studio allowing us to easily format features and scenarios, generate corresponding code and other things. The installation process is straightforward. The only thing is that it will require [...]

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Introduction to Selenium

What is Selenium Selenium is a portable software testing framework for web applications. Basically, it automates browsers what in other words means that it simulates how human beings interact with browsers, e.g. click on buttons, select check boxes, type in some text and so on. There are two major ways of using the power of Selenium: Selenium IDE – There is Selenium IDE which, [...]

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