MVVM: When EventAggregator (aka MessageBus) is an Anti-Pattern

Very often we can see that developers tend to use static message buses for all kind of interactions between objects. For those, who unaware of this pattern I want to recall that this pattern allows organizing loosely coupled communication channel between objects which don’t want (or can’t) to know each other. Let’s have a brief look at how a regular example of using this [...]

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Learn Enterprise WPF with XAML from Scratch

My first course "Learn Enterprise WPF with XAML from Scratch" went live on Udemy.com and it will cost you just 10$! It is a great WPF tutorial for beginners! In this course you can learn deeply the concepts and tools that you will need to build fully functional UI-applications with the modern UI-building framework, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).

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What Every WPF-Developer Must Know? Learn Basic Concepts

These days I’m working on a video course about Microsoft WPF foundations. And today I want to address some basic notions that every UI-developer should be aware of and be able to explain them. That will become an entry point for my WPF tutorial. The notions I’m talking about are the following: DPI (dots per inch), PPI (pixels per inch). What’s the difference? Pixel [...]

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