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My name is Elias Fofanov, and this is my professional blog. Mostly, I will write here about programming, software development and architecture. Though, it doesn’t mean I will not write here about personal productivity, for example.

I’m a professional programmer living in Russia, Moscow. I’m specialized in development of desktop applications using C# and WPF. Currently I work on a project dedicated to POS-terminal application development for selling tickets for suburban trains.

I have a technical and economical degree of Russian university.


Until this moment I’ve been publishing my articles and translations on the famous Russian technical site – www.habrahabr.ru. So, if you are a Russian speaker you can go there and read my publications.

Video Courses Author

You can watch my video courses on udemy.com.
You can also check out this page.


If you want to contact me, you always can do it by e-mail – engineerspock[at]outlook[dot]com.